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A call for urgency from the least urgent people on the planet

Co-chairman of the W3C CSS Working Group writes a panicky blogpost about the growing ubiquity of webkit-only sites.

I agree with the points about browser-/device-sniffing and broken sites – that’s bad, no argument from me there – but here’s the paragraph that strikes me:

Without your help, without a strong reaction, this can lead to one thing only and we’re dangerously not far from there: other browsers will start supporting/implementing themselves the -webkit-* prefix, turning one single implementation into a new world-wide standard. It will turn a market share into a de facto standard, a single implementation into a world-wide monopoly. Again. It will kill our standardization process. That’s not a question of if, that’s a question of when.

Let me be very clear: this is NOT hypothetical and I’m not discussing here something that could happen. All browser vendors let us officially know it WILL happen, and rather sooner than later because they have, I quote,  “no other option“. Let me also state very clearly that is NOT a lack of innovation on these browser vendors’ side, in particular when they DO support a feature but with their own prefix, following here the Working Group’s rules. [Emphasis his]

May I remind the author: you and your Working Group have the power to stop this from happening: just decide on the standard already so we can all just write border-radius once. Problem solved.


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