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Double Fine Adventure game on Kickstarter

Double Fine, the game studio of legendary game developer Tim Schafer, who’s responsible for such classics as Day Of The Tentacle, Full Throttle and Psychonauts, has just put up a Kickstarter to fund a new point-and-click adventure game.

The world of video game design is a mysterious one.  What really happens behind the closed doors of a development studio is often unknown, unappreciated, or misunderstood.  And the bigger the studio, the more tightly shut its door tends to be.  With this project, we’re taking that door off its hinges and inviting you into the world of Double Fine Productions, the first major studio to fully finance their next game with a Kickstarter campaign and develop it in the public eye.


Crowd-sourced fundraising sites like Kickstarter have been an incredible boon to the independent development community.  They democratize the process by allowing consumers to support the games they want to see developed and give the developers the freedom to experiment, take risks, and design without anyone else compromising their vision.  It’s the kind of creative luxury that most major, established studios simply can’t afford.  At least, not until now.

I don’t know but I’d be throwing money at my screen if I were you.

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