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Instagram’s New Terms of Service

iPhone photography site Life In LoFi takes a sober look at Instagram’s controversial new Terms of Service that has the world up in arms:

The internet is still an untamed place. If you want to share and for people to see your work, you now have to be ready to give up some control. If you want to maintain control of your works, you should consider rethinking your social media strategy.

Instagram themselves have since issued a statement on their own blog.

To me this all comes back down to the same old problem: if you don’t pay for something, you are the product being sold. You can’t expect make use of a free service like Instagram indefinitely and not expect there to be some sort of downside to it. Which is why I won’t publish anything serious on any of the big, free, social networks and instead choose to host it myself, on a website I made myself and whose bills I pay myself. Anything I post or publish anywhere else, I just assume it to be public, regardless of what anyone might tell me. It’s the only sensible position to take, considering these services can just change their ToS whenever they want.

If you can’t live with that and don’t want to host anything yourself, you can always pay for a professional Flickr account. Plus I’ve heard good things about their new iOS app too.

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