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SABAM wants money from public libraries for reading books to children

Robin Wauters over at The Next Web:

This morning, word got out in Belgian media that SABAM is spending time and resources to contact local libraries across the nation, warning them that they will start charging fees because the libraries engage volunteers to read books to kids.

Volunteers. Who – again – READ BOOKS TO KIDS.

Don’t bother looking at the date: it’s not April Fools Day just yet.

SABAM has to be one of the most ridiculous copyright groups in the world today. Artists signing up with them are essentially paying to make their work as inaccessible as possible and to antagonize, bully and squeeze their audience for as much as they’ll tolerate. Which is funny because I always thought artists made art for people to see/hear/read, not to be locked away in a safe behind layers of red tape and incomprehensible copyright laws.

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