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The Kickstarter Successes: Where are they now?

PC gaming blog par excellence Rock Paper Shotgun takes a critical look at some of last years games-related Kickstarter projects and asks: “where are they now?”

Double Fine Adventure
Double Fine
Raised: $3,336,371
Release date: Aug 2012

Well clearly that didn’t happen. But everybody who cares at least knows it, with every step of the development being filmed. The game, codenamed “Reds”, is getting a brand new engine, which is what’s taken up a lot of the last eight months. Development is due to “ramp up” next year. Sadly, their Kickstarter updates – while enormously detailed – are all for “backers only”, which rather misses the point of promoting a game.

I’m currently backing 2 gaming projects, the aforementioned Double Fine Adventure and Planetary Annihilation. In Adventure’s case I’m of course slightly disappointed it missed its August deadline, but the documentary and updates provided to the backers so far have more than made up for it.

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